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DR Jennifer Gilmartin visits the salon every month to carry out wrinkle reducing injections and fillers.

She is a well known face in the top plastic surgery, skin and beauty clinics in Glasgow and we are lucky to have her visit our salon. 

Wrinkle Reducing Injections - One area £120, Two areas £160 & 3 areas £200 

Fillers - 0.5mls £150 & 1mls £200

What her clients say

Janice T

After years of hating the deep frown line between my eyes and dreading having to resort to "drastic measures" my biggest regret is not having it sooner......before my daughter's wedding. This is something I will ALWAYS have done now. Love it, thanks Jenni you are amazing :-)

Moira B

Ive been a client of Jenni's for a long time and travelled  to Glasgow for her. She 's the best and a really lovely person.

Sara M

I decided to get fillers in my lips after my friend from work had them done from the Dr and she looked amazing, so natural, but so face changing. So that was it, I booked in for my mine to get done a month later. Ive been in twice now to have them topped up.

Best money I have ever spent xx

Agnes S

Ive been having regular skin peels from Nicola and now had botox  and fillers in my lips. I have more confidence about myself now than I even had before. 

Ive decided turning 50 isnt so bad after all! 

When people ask me if all this costs a lot of money, I tell them that I dont smoke and I dont drink. My husband plays golf all the its about time I had something for ME so this is what I spend my money on and its worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!

Jackie J

Ive had botox 3 times before from 3 different people and Dr Jenni is the best hands down.

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