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Is being happy good for your skin?

The happier you are..... the better everything about you looks.... Including your skin. Who agrees with me?

You can cleanse and tone til the cows come home but your emotions have powerful effects on the skin and body. Worry and stress have been shown to alter hormone levels, and are linked to all different skin conditions. It speeds up the aging process. The fact that stressing is aging me.... is stressing me out!

I know what stress does first hand..... Here is a weird thing.... when I'm stressed I get a really itchy face. Tell me some bad news and the first thing I do is start to scratch my face and neck. It's how my husband knows I'm thinking of things way too deeply than i should. Then give it some time and I look grey and tired too. My hair never sits right either. I don't eat great and I don't sleep well. It's all in synergy. No one has a natural radiance about them when they are stressed out of there box, and it definitely makes you look older.

We all need a "bit" of stress , it keeps us on our toes, but happiness and contentment can literally make skin radiant..... it might be the best-kept beauty secret of all. People tell me their skin is better on holiday as the sun is good for it.... a tiny bit of that is true, as believe it or not I DO think we need the sun (Just not factor 2 and falling asleep in it all day at the beach). But we have less stress on holiday, we are chilling out, spending time with loved ones, laughing more and having great experiences.

I wish i could bottle happiness and contentment and sell it, but I can't. Mental health is a massive issue and there are lots of different reasons why people can't be as happy as they want to be and why we get stressed over things (a lot of the time) that just don't matter.

Here is a really annoying thing to say, I'm generally a happy person! I've had a few wobbles and got really upset over silly things that's took me a month to get over, but I just lost 30 days out of my life that I won't get back. 

When I brought dermaplaning to the UK and began eventually teaching it, I was feeling on top of the world for ages, I was the only one doing it and naively thought it would be like that forever .... then when others started to teach it and I was introduced to the dog eat dog world of business I came down with a bang! Why is she being so mean and sneaky?? But I soon realised.... People don't sit about and plan to destroy you(99% don't) . These people want the best for themselves too. They have mouths to feed too and everyone just wants to better themselves in some way. That's just life. Worrying about all that is really bad for my complexion 

I don't know if it's an age thing but I generally don't care about a lot of things that's not worth caring about anymore 

I've learned that I'm not pizza and I can't please everyone. I 100% believe everything happens for a reason, so I try and put a positive spin on things. Nearly all the bad things that have happened to me have happened for a reason and I think back and say "holy shit I'm so grateful for that now" there is always a chain of events that link you to amazing things. There are a select few that know the extent of this paragraph for me.In the next few days I'll be posting more about skincare and the physical differences you can achieve with making changes to your daily regime. Because after this big post I'm not about to start thinking happy thoughts to get rid of my pigmentation 

Although a smiling sundamaged face is better that a crabbit one! 

But the truth is, some people feel genuinely sad about their skin....when everything else in life is going great for them. Conditions like acne can really have a negative impact on them. But I want to end this by saying , I don't recommend things that people don't need. I hope some of you will agree that I say things like "You look amazing, just keep doing what your doing" and "You have an internal issue going on, skincare won't take this away... Here is a number for someone that can help you"

No one wants to look old, just look the very best version of yourself. Use good skincare, get a bit of fillers in your lips if it makes you happy..... stuff what others say! come for facials if you enjoy it, get More sleep, eat better, instead of buying a designer bag.... book a naughty weekend away with your partner, drink more water etc etc etc. 

Next time you see someone's selfie on Facebook or Instagram and you think they look perfect and you compare yourself to them ... trust me they aren't perfect. They might have a 3rd nipple or something!!

Getting old is a privilege denied to many so try and feel grateful that you have developed another line around your eyes.... don't stress I'll be here to soften it !

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