The Skin Geek 4 Month Programme

8 treatments and a skincare routine

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Treatment Description

I often say you need to have patience with your skin treatments and products to get the best results..... this is because the skin works in a very specific way!

It takes at least 3 months for proper collagen remodelling, for you to actually see a physical difference.

Your skin can keep remodelling from collagen production for a year or 2 (think about how scars heal over time), so If you stimulate the lower layer of your skin over and over then think of the results that you can achieve.

This plan is a specific combination of treatments and skincare which will be tailored to you over 4 months. It’s set like this to give you the best results.



You will be given a skincare plan worth £300

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be downtime with this plan?

Yes, possibly! There won’t be downtime for every single treatment, but some treatments will have some degree of downtime , so you will need to factor this into your work/social life.

What is the after care for the 4 Month Plan?

This will be explained to you at the initial consultation, depending on what treatments have been selected for you and what skincare package you are given

What should I do before my treatments?

This will be explained to you at the initial consultation, when the treatment plan is designed for you.  You will be given “pre care” instruction before every appointment.

What should I do before my treatments?

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