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Vaginal Tightening treatment tested!

June 23, 2019

"No, I don't want a tighter vagina"

- said no woman ever.

A non-surgical procedure for vaginal tightening is the new godsend to woman…… ask any woman that has visited her Doctor about her vajayjay not playing the game. It’s a lengthy process to get the surgery they need and some never get referred for it.  A Doctor won’t send you away for an instant fanny op! No, you will sit tight (excuse the pun) and probably be sent to physio first. Surgery will be the last option.

This means that for a lot of woman they live in fear of being the mum that smells of pee, the lassie that always wears black from the waist down, or even the gym bunny that's responsible for keeping sanitory towel companies in business as she won’t go near a gym without wearing a pad.

A treatment like FemiWand could be the answer for a LOT of ladies. It’s not the cheapest option in the world for your tightening needs, but if you can afford it and want to bypass the timescale and visits to the GP then it’s the perfect solution.

When Ruth from Bio Clinic told me she was offering this treatment, I wasn’t surprised. A nurse for many years and an advocate for woman’s wellness, health and happiness. She is one of the loveliest people you could meet…… and the perfect person to be tightening up your lady parts!

When she suggested regular visits to Skin Geek to carry out the FemiWand treatment then I jumped at the chance. Offering the newest,hippest and trendiest treatment for 2019 is right up my street, and if it makes me a hero….. then we don’t all wear capes!

Confession: I’ve never done a single kegel exercise in my life! I’m not walking about 24 hours a day dribbling pee, I can exercise without a pad and I can jump on a trampoline (as long as i've not downed a 2 litre bottle of Highland Spring)..…. But i'm also not clamping down on my husband’s penis like a venus fly trap while he screams in pain and begs to be set free.

Although, when I need a pee…. I need a pee! Gone are the days where I could need a pee for hours and hold it in.

As I type this its been just over 6 weeks since I had the FemiWand treatment. Ruth advised me that it takes up to 3 months to get the full effect. You can have the "superficial tightening" or the "muscular tightening". I didn't pay for the treatment....but if I did then I would still opt for the "muscular"..... its an extra £100 but its the most agressive treatment, and the superficial is included in it anyway. I say go big or go home............but hmmm is the aim not "go small or go home?" anyyyyywaaaayyyyy......

Do I notice any difference so far? Yes I do! When I'm out and need the toilet, I'm not aimlessly searching for the nearest loo. I can hold it in, If I pass a toilet, then cool, if not then i'm not dreaming up scenarios in my head of me peeing myself while people stand about recording me on their phones to then upload and mock me on Facebook! I also notice another difference.... I will come to that.

So, just before my treatment, Ruth gets me to fill in a consultation and explains the treatment to me. She tells me it can take 2 treatments for some people, but you have to wait the full 3 months before she can assess you again as the final result can take this time.

So she sets up the wand. She glances at me.... to possibly read my face while I look at the size of the wand which will be inserted into me for 20 minutes. Now I don't want to brag to y'all, but it doesn't faze me in the slightest....I'm possibly being spoilt at home. Stand up and take a bow Mr Russell.

She inserts the wand and we chat about everything and anything. I feel like i'm just meeting a friend for coffee and almost forget there is something turning around and around inside me belting out laser beams. Well that's a bit of an exagerration - its High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). I feel nothing. In fact, all in, it was a pleasant way to spend an hour!

The downtime was zero as well. I went straight back to work, tending to faces for the next 8 hours

The price for this treatment is £395 for the superfiicial treatment or £495 for the muscular

So, the question I get asked a lot is "does your husband notice a difference?" and the answer is yes! Sorry mum!!

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Microneedling explained

October 21, 2018

What is Microneedling and what are the benefits to my skin?

No matter which method of “Microneedling” (rollering or electric pen) is used, the concept is the same – microscopic needles are moved over the skin at a chosen depth creating tiny punctures in the skin to stimulate the skins own healing response.


So whether you have had Derma Rollering on your full face or a more localised area (smokers ​​lines) using a cartridge of clustered needles, then the skin’s response to it is the same.


As the needles penetrate the skin they produce tiny microscopic traumas.


As the skin reacts, tiny electrical signals are released and cause a chain of events…..or a wound healing response. Essential enzymes,proteins and cell regenerated tissues are discharged, stimulating a regenerative process.


This treatment stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself safely and naturally, creating smoother, brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin.


 Your skin is absorbing topical serums/creams thousands of times more than it normally does (more so DURING the treatment) so please follow the aftercare advice carefully.


During microneedling your skin screams out "wholly shit I'm getting attacked!!!" And goes into overdrive to heal itself by producing extra collagen and elastin.


Then your skin soon screams out "wholly shit I'm in my 20/30's again....i can't remember the last time I had this much collagen and elastin having a big party in my face!!!"

When your skin starts repairing itself at an abnormal rate, it gets smoother, firmer and plumps up!


The magic doesn't stop there.....for a little window of time those little micro tunnels in your skin that have been temporarily created serve a purpose too..... I apply a little cocktail of Hyaluronic, Vitamin C....(and depending on your skin concerns)...... other little amazing potent ingredients to bring your skin into super stardom


I'm not going to lie to you - you will leave looking like you have been to the Caribbean for a fortnight and forgot your spf!

BUT if you leave looking the same colour as you came in then I've not done my job and you have just spent the worst money of your life, this inflammation is what is doing all the work.... just let it do its thing!

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Here is how I will get rid of my Pigmentation!

August 23, 2018

Here is why pigmentation really gets on my goat!

Scientists believe that when you have pigmentation then people subconsciously perceive you to be older. So 2 people aged 40 - one has more fine lines/wrinkles.... one has more pigmentation. Our eyes tell us the pigmented person is the older one.

This post is what I'M DOING to shift it..... everyone is different. So if you are reading this and ive gave you different advice then its because we have different skin... and possibly different pigmentation.

Im not long back from my holidays so just now my face looks like a Delia Smith Marble Cake..... and as delicious as i look 

😂 when my pigmentation rears its ugly head i think i look dirty..... and im the queen of face cleansing 👑 trust me, so its perfectly clean!

There are many different types of pigmentation..... freckles, melasma, sun spots/liver spots and post inflammatory pigmentation (marks left from acne, damage left from clinical treatments etc).

I have Melasma.

Here is the thing with pigmentation..... what the hell gave you it??? Remove the cause and BOOM, bobs your uncle and its away...... its not as simple as that.

Melasma is (usually) caused by genetics, hormones.... the pill, pregnancy blah blah blah and its triggered by UV exposure. Here is too much information - ive been on all different types of contraception for most of my adult life, im a kick in the arse away from 40 so im having my coil removed soon and my husband is getting the snip (i told you it was tmi). My baby making days are over so im hoping with this metal getting removed from my body and my new treatment plan it will help.

It can also be a lifelong battle... so its something you need to keep on top of.

Im also a big believer that most skin issues can come from gut issues...... so i will do a gut cleanse too.

I am using ZO skin health.... mostly the medical products. I will be using a salicylic cleanser, complexion pads, daily.power defence, retinol skin brigntener 1%, wrinkle + texture repair,.glycogent and daily sheer spf.

Excessive you might say. But with makeup i believe less is more...... and with skincare i believe more is more 😂.

This protocol may not suit everyone's budget. If you are interested in my new GLO PEELS then the LEAST you will need is a professional cleanser, a treatment (retinol etc) and an spf.......this is the very least you need to prep your skin.


Now that I've started my home care..... i do my professional treatments......

I am now offering 5 different levels of peels. From very superficial that you could get every week or so (if you like), up to a MUCH deeper peel that you would get only once or twice a year, and there is down time with this.

You need to start mild as well as the at home prep and work your way up.

Since i have been prepping already and had a couple of peels..... IF i tolerate all the peels im planning on then i SHOULD be ready for level 5 in November....... just in time to have it done by Sara Smith from wigmore medical at my clinic in front of you all 

You get to see whats involved and can have a good close up look at my results from level 1,2,3 and 4 😍.

There is more than 1 way to skin a cat as they say. Ive already went down the ZO hydroquinone route...... i just couldn't take the constant down time and didnt have 8 weeks without a wedding/party etc and kept stopping and starting.

I would also have been interested in Q Switch Laser.... but this is the routine im choosing because its something i can offer to YOU so i need to prove it works! Pressure!

So there you go! We are leaving the summer behind and now its time to up our game with skin care. I've shifted my really dark patches on my forehead and top lip in the last couple of years.... and ready to marbled patches at the side of my face now and this routine will do it- so watch this space!

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Is being happy good for your skin?

June 26, 2018

The happier you are..... the better everything about you looks.... Including your skin. Who agrees with me?

You can cleanse and tone til the cows come home but your emotions have powerful effects on the skin and body. Worry and stress have been shown to alter hormone levels, and are linked to all different skin conditions. It speeds up the aging process. The fact that stressing is aging me.... is stressing me out!

I know what stress does first hand..... Here is a weird thing.... when I'm stressed I get a really itchy face. Tell me some bad news and the first thing I do is start to scratch my face and neck. It's how my husband knows I'm thinking of things way too deeply than i should. Then give it some time and I look grey and tired too. My hair never sits right either. I don't eat great and I don't sleep well. It's all in synergy. No one has a natural radiance about them when they are stressed out of there box, and it definitely makes you look older.

We all need a "bit" of stress , it keeps us on our toes, but happiness and contentment can literally make skin radiant..... it might be the best-kept beauty secret of all. People tell me their skin is better on holiday as the sun is good for it.... a tiny bit of that is true, as believe it or not I DO think we need the sun (Just not factor 2 and falling asleep in it all day at the beach). But we have less stress on holiday, we are chilling out, spending time with loved ones, laughing more and having great experiences.

I wish i could bottle happiness and contentment and sell it, but I can't. Mental health is a massive issue and there are lots of different reasons why people can't be as happy as they want to be and why we get stressed over things (a lot of the time) that just don't matter.

Here is a really annoying thing to say, I'm generally a happy person! I've had a few wobbles and got really upset over silly things that's took me a month to get over, but I just lost 30 days out of my life that I won't get back. 

When I brought dermaplaning to the UK and began eventually teaching it, I was feeling on top of the world for ages, I was the only one doing it and naively thought it would be like that forever .... then when others started to teach it and I was introduced to the dog eat dog world of business I came down with a bang! Why is she being so mean and sneaky?? But I soon realised.... People don't sit about and plan to destroy you(99% don't) . These people want the best for themselves too. They have mouths to feed too and everyone just wants to better themselves in some way. That's just life. Worrying about all that is really bad for my complexion 

I don't know if it's an age thing but I generally don't care about a lot of things that's not worth caring about anymore 

I've learned that I'm not pizza and I can't please everyone. I 100% believe everything happens for a reason, so I try and put a positive spin on things. Nearly all the bad things that have happened to me have happened for a reason and I think back and say "holy shit I'm so grateful for that now" there is always a chain of events that link you to amazing things. There are a select few that know the extent of this paragraph for me.In the next few days I'll be posting more about skincare and the physical differences you can achieve with making changes to your daily regime. Because after this big post I'm not about to start thinking happy thoughts to get rid of my pigmentation 

Although a smiling sundamaged face is better that a crabbit one! 

But the truth is, some people feel genuinely sad about their skin....when everything else in life is going great for them. Conditions like acne can really have a negative impact on them. But I want to end this by saying , I don't recommend things that people don't need. I hope some of you will agree that I say things like "You look amazing, just keep doing what your doing" and "You have an internal issue going on, skincare won't take this away... Here is a number for someone that can help you"

No one wants to look old, just look the very best version of yourself. Use good skincare, get a bit of fillers in your lips if it makes you happy..... stuff what others say! come for facials if you enjoy it, get More sleep, eat better, instead of buying a designer bag.... book a naughty weekend away with your partner, drink more water etc etc etc. 

Next time you see someone's selfie on Facebook or Instagram and you think they look perfect and you compare yourself to them ... trust me they aren't perfect. They might have a 3rd nipple or something!!

Getting old is a privilege denied to many so try and feel grateful that you have developed another line around your eyes.... don't stress I'll be here to soften it !

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What facials do the Towie girls have?

March 23, 2018

This month was my first visit to Chloe's Beauty Bar in Brentwood Essex.  A popular haunt for the cast of TOWIE.

It is regularly visited by the likes of Amber Dowding, Gemma Collins, Danni Armstrong, Georgia Kousoulou and Frankie Essex to name a few.

A lot of Chloe's good friends and clients got to try out Dermaplaning for the first time.

Except Frankie..... she is a massive fan of Dermaplaning and convinced a lot of the girls to give it a try.

Most of them had my signature dermaplaning facial! This includes an Enzyme, Oxygen infusion and Iced hyaluronic mask. This costs £99 and leaves your face feeling super smooth, bright, refreshed and camera ready.

Dermaplaning at Chloe's Beauty Bar

Incase you don't know what dermaplaning is - then its an amazing exfoliation using a little blade. It gently removes the top dead layer of skin peach fuzz. Not only is it fantastic for keeping skin in tip top condition but it gives an incredible flawless finish.... which was done just in time for the girls shooting the first few episodes of TOWIE.

Nicola xx

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What is Dermaplaning?

February 23, 2018

What exactly is Dermaplaning? 


The boring explanation is...

"The controlled scraping of the skin using a sterile, surgical blade held at a 45 degree angle for the removal of keratinized cells on the outer corneum and the fine vellous hair"

 Doesn't sound very exciting does it? 

 To explain it better..... its an amazing physical exfoliation using a little blade to gently "shave" away the outer layer of dead skin. The secondary bonus about this treatment is that it also removes the fine vellus "fluffy" hair. 

What removing this layer of dead skin and peach fuzz does is basically giving you the smoothest skin you have ever had!

What should you expect during dermaplaning?

A surprisingly relaxing facial! 

Who knew that taking a scalpel to your face would feel so lovely? Depending on what kind of dermaplaning facial you ask for then the actual "dermaplaning" only takes about 15 minutes. The "bells and whistles" that compliment it, make it extra special. 

The majority of my clients like the basic "Dermaplaning and Enzyme", sometimes keeping it simple is best!

Skin Geek Dermaplaning

What are the benefits of Dermaplaning?

1. For one..... you will have super smooth skin. Frighteningly smooth.

2.It will GLOW like its never before.

3. Your skincare products will absorb soooooo much better (my personal favourite). You wouldn't believe how absorbent all that dead skin and peach fuzz is. 

What a waste of a good serum or moisturiser! 

Waste no more, its getting to work now and working hard for the money you spent on it.

4. Your makeup will look FLAWLESS. Its has a blank canvas to lay on now. You will be camera ready in no time at all.

5. Its a great prep for further treatments you may get in the clinic. Face peels, masks, enzymes..... the list goes on.

6. It minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Need anymore convincing?

Does Dermaplaning make the hair grow back thicker?

Does Dermaplaning change the hair growth?


Just kidding..... this would be my worst nightmare.

But I can safely say that after 2 and a half years of having it done, my hair is no different.... Its not thicker, darker or longer. In fact if you google it then you will see that its physiologically impossible for shaving to change the hair in anyway. Hormones do that.... not shaving :-)

Your hair will just grow back the same. 

I wont lie.... if you have a lot of "terminal" hair (the pesky thicker darker hairs), like the ones you have on your top lip.... and the random 3 I have on my chin, then these will feel stubbly. This to me is common sense, and I hope I don't offend by saying this! So if you want to.... then get this hair waxed or threaded if you normally do and leave the fluffy hair to be dermaplaned off. 

If you have a lot of terminal hair all over your face then sadly dermaplaning may not be for you. You just won't like the feeling of it growing back. I don't like making people feel sad. It makes me sad.


How often can you have Dermaplaning?

Generally every month..... otherwise you wont have any skin and hair to remove! 

The average person sheds millions of dead skin cells every day. GROSS. Did you know that all this dead skin is contributing to the dust in your house? I'm helping this problem...... you are welcome :-)

Your skin is protective, waterproof and very handy to have intact. Don't get dermaplaning carried out too often. Your face wont like it, trust me.


Cost of Dermaplaning?

My prices start from £65.

I brought the treatment over to the UK, I was the first to teach it, I've taught over 500 talented techs, i've carried out thousands of them ..... blah blah blah blah .... I dont need to convince you. If you would like this treatment done, then AMAZING, give us a call on 01324 306018. If not then thanks for reading this blog and no hard feelings ;-)

Nicola xx




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