5 top tips to keep your skin glowing throughout winter.

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Drink Water.

You have probably read this in every skincare advice article, but it is true…. plus, its free!

In Winter, the humidity is low not just outdoors but indoors too, and the skin’s water content will reflect the level of humidity around it.

Water is essentialln keeping your skin cells full and hydrated to avoid your skin becoming sensitive, tight and chapped.

Water also helps flush the body of impurities, if this is not happening effectively then you may be more prone to breakouts.

Introduce a serum to your skincare routine.

In winter, your skin needs hydration more so than any other season to stay comfortable, healthy plump.  Serums tend to be a more concentrated and thinner formulation and can tackle most skin concerns as they are usually designed to address specific needs.

In winter, look for a hydrating serum to compliment your routine. They are applied after you cleanse, while your skin is still damp and before your moisturiser. This order helps seal in the serum and lock in moisture.

They are not introduced to replace your usual moisturiser, but more to boost the hydrating effects of it.

Wear a SPF every day.

This may seem like strange advice but its so important.  Even though we do not have the UVB rays (which cause us to burn), theUVA rays can still get to us.

Applying SPF daily can slow down aging by 24%, its such a quick step to add into your routine which makes a big impact.

If the premature aging (or skin cancer) is not enough to convince you to use spf thenit is still beneficial to use it during winter to reinforce the skin’s protective barrier.  

You probably associate sun damage with the summer, but the snow actually reflects80% of the sun’s rays, so this week is even more important to have it on!

Avoid hot baths and showers.

This is my advice all year round, but its especially important in the Winter.

Long hot baths and showers disrupt the skin’s protective barrier, stripping it of the natural oils and moisture and leave your skin dry, cracked, inflamed and irritated.

A 5–10-minute lukewarm bath or shower is best for this season.

You are what you eat.

Unfortunately, during winter, we tend to ditch the healthy eating and we eat more junk food, sugary treats and alcohol, all this is bad news for our skin.

Refined carbohydrates trigger a surge of insulin and this can lead to hormonal imbalances that can exacerbate breakouts and inflammation in the skin.

Excess alcohol dehydrates you further in the harsh weather conditions and reduces the blood flow to the skin, leaving you with a dull and unhealthy complexion.

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