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Is Coconut Oil good for your skin?

Can I use Coconut Oil as my skincare routine?

I get asked this a lot!

I say put this in your coffee or your stir fries... not on your face.

This isnt a bash at coconut oil, before the coconut oil police go into a rage 😁

If coconut oil works for you, then great,  keep using it.

But just because Shirley at work tells you she uses it for removing her makeup, moisturizing her face and using it as an aphrodisiac then it doesnt mean you and your other 15 workmates should use it.

Coconut oil is highly comedogenic.... in fact its one of the worst oils to use on your face. There are better ones to use if you really want to use an oil - Rosehip, Argan and Jojoba are good to use.

If you have DRY skin then it may not be the absolute worst thing in the world to use as its leaves a barrier on the skin.... or some may say (me) it suffocates it.  So stops any moisture from escaping. It will make the skin feel oily (obviously) and more comfortable.

Since the majority of people I see are concerned with either acne, breakouts or rosacea..... then 9 out of 10 of them improve their skin when they stop the coconut oil and use a sensible skincare routine for their concerns.

They say it is antibacterial..... but there are better natural alternatives if you want to go down the natural route.

So that's my opinion..... and its my page, so Shirley before you tell me how its changed you and your 16 workmates skin/life.... then I don't wanna know! Beat it 😂

PS - Shirley,  I dont want to hear your Honey stories either... I dont want to block you.... You keep my life interesting. When you share my posts to give a natural equivalent.... you drive people to my page, so for that - I thank you 🙏

PPS-  Shirley i hope you find £20 on the street today ❤

PPPS - Shirley , buy a face wash with it ❤

** I dont keep coconut oil in my bathroom... im trying to keep my pictures visually consistent 😂

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