Anti pollution skincare routines

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Pollution levels are at an all-time high across the world and unfortunately, this has a negative effect on our skin. Obviously busy cities are the worst offenders of pollution and the combination of chemicals and dust will not just make your skin feel dirty, studies show us that its affecting the way we age and develop skin conditions.

We know that our skin has a natural barrier and it’s there to act as a protective shield from the external environment and to prevent water loss, however, pollution breaks this down so we need to support this barrier as best we can by blocking the toxins from disturbing or penetrating it.

Look for skincare which is potent in antioxidants as they fight against free radicals, which are skin damaging molecules and stops them from harming the skin. They prevent the breakdown of collagen, dehydration, sensitivity and skin conditions.

Clients are becoming very savvy when it comes to their skincare so having a brand which are rich in antioxidants makes sense.

Vitamin C is probably the best-known antioxidant and as well as being a fantastic anti-pollution ingredient it has the added benefit of helping to produce collagen.  

Other well-known multi-tasking ingredients are Niacinimide, Resveratrol, Ferulic acid andVitamin A and E.

Cleansing is really important as it removes the dirt and toxins which we are subject to all day. A thorough cleanse wipes the slate clean so to speak before you continue with your skincare routine.

(The SkinGeek Glycolic Cleanser contains vitamin c to help fight free radicals as well as brighten and smoothing the skin – click here)

A good quality serum packed with free radical fighting ingredients is a must in any anti-pollution skincare routine. SkinCeuticals Vitamin C serums are the best!  The CE Ferulic is their hero product and is loved by all beauty editors.

And finally finish off your skincare routine with a clever multi-tasking SPF which not only protects us from UVA and UVB rays but can protect us from the blue light from our electronic screens like smartphones, computers and TVs. Science in skin care has come a long way in recent years and SPFs has anti-oxidant technology too which gives us double the defence!

My favourite SPF is the ZO Smart Tone SPF 50

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