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The ultimate lunchtime procedure to treat fine lines and more

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45 mins
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Treatment Description

Laser Genesis kick-starts new collagen production to remodel the skin. This non ablative vascular laser uses micro pulse technology. Firing short bursts of nd:Yag energy so quickly that it doesn’t damage the skin's surface, yet gently heats the upper part of the dermis to not only stimulate collagen but shrink the abnormal blood vessels, therefore its excellent for treating “general redness” associated with Rosacea.

Its also great for an acne prone skin as the laser's heat and rapid pulses trigger a controlled injury and sends white blood cells to the area to fight off the bacteria.

This laser toning treatment is a perfect one to book if you are unsure of which treatment is best for you as it can be "tweaked" to suit your needs, it is an all round miracle worker and is not only painless but there is no downtime, just relaxation!

Laser Genesis can also be paired with other treatments to deliver longer-term benefits, you will find these options on the online booking system

Please read the FAQ's to understand the pre care of this treatment.


£130 +

for an individual treatment

£660 +

for 6 treatments and this includes an SPF most suited to your skin type. This is a saving of £165

This treatment can also be included in the “Skin Geek 4 Month Programme”.


Laser Genesis + Dermalux LED (Treatment time approx 45 mins)


Laser Genesis + Dermalux LED (Treatment time approx 45 mins)


Laser Genesis + Dermalux Led + Dermaplaning (Treatment time approx 55 mins)


Laser Genesis + Micro-needling + Dermalux LED (Treatment time approx 60 mins)

Laser Genesis + Radio Frequency + Dermalux LED (Treatment time approx 60 mins)

Laser Genesis + Radio Frequency + Dermalux LED (Treatment time approx 60 mins)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is not suitable for Laser Genesis?

Clients who are/are on photosensitive medication, pregnant, going through treatment for cancer, have open wounds, tanned skin and fake tan. A full consultation is carried out to determine if this treatment is suitable for you.

What does Laser Genesis feel like?

You will feel a gentle warming of your skin. Even though its warm, its very relaxing and people liken it to being in the sun or like warm raindrops falling on their face.

Does Laser Genesis have downtime?

There is no downtime with Laser Genesis. Your skin may appear pink but this will quickly subside.

What should I do before my Laser Genesis treatment?

Avoid Retinol for 3 to 5 days prior to your treatment.  Avoid sun exposure and fake tan 2 weeks prior.  If you have recently started a course of antibiotics then please inform us.

How many treatments will I need?

Every client’s skin and needs vary but on average you may require three to six treatments in order to achieve optimal results.

Does Laser Genesis have downtime?

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