What is Laser Genesis?

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The Cutera XEO machine that I use has an attachment for Nd:YAG that can do a number of different tricks, but one of the best tricks, is that it can do is a facial called "Laser Genesis". A celebrity favourite, and loved by the likes of Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Kendal Jenner, Elle Macpherson and the Victoria Secret models.

It fires out rapid beams of magic into the skin....gently heating up the upper part of the dermis, well below the skins surface..... stimulating collagen and shrinking the abnormal blood vessels

So Its using the non-invasive Nd:YAG laser technology to safely and effectively treat fine line/wrinkles, improve pores, even the skin tone , reduce acne and diffuse redness and scars.

Angelina Jolie describes it as the "Rain Drop Facial" as it feels like warm rain falling on her skin. A lot of clients describe it as feeling like the sun on your face while you sunbathe (tut tut)..... so not painful at all.....very relaxing!

You can expect to see results immediately, with new collagen production after a full skin's cycle (approximately a month) and even more so after each treatment.

The downtime MAY be slight redness for a few hours afterwards.

How does Laser Genesis help with Acne?

I find its a synergy of tactics that treat acne.....

Firstly. the heat from the laser kills the bacteria deep within the skin which will shrink the acne breakouts.

The heat also stimulates collagen, which helps remodel the skin and improve the appearance of the marks left over from the acne.

Kendall Jenner thanks the Laser Genesis for clearing up her skin.... the company got into a little bit bother with her for advertising it everywhere.....without her permission or paying her for any endorsement. I'm sure the publicity they received for it outweighed the trouble they got into LOL.

Combine this treatment in with a great at home skincare routine and changes to your diet/lifestyle then your on to a winner!

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